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A Gift from the Bees

Honey is almost a perfect food in its natural form. Although honey is not much more nutritious than plain sugar, it can relieve constipation, speed healing and prevent infections. Honey was used to treat skin wounds until the introduction of antibiotics in the 1940’s.

Honey is ideal for treating wounds because of its high sugar content which absorbs the moisture inside wounds making iit difficult for bacteria to survive. In addition, many honeys contain hydrogen peroxide, the very same remedy you use to disinfect cuts or scrapes. Some honeys also contain propolis which can kill bacteria.

And it works just as well to keep your body healthy on the inside. Manuka honey, a type of honey from New Zealand, appears to kill bacteria caused by stomach ulcers. A tablespoonful of Manuka 4 times a day relieved the symptoms of a study group with ulcers, Honey also works for killing the bacteria that may be causing the problem. It can relieve constipation and many other maladies as noted below.

Shop for raw honey to get the most antibacterial power. Heat used in processed honey disables some of its active ingredients. And while most raw honeys contain some active ingredients, “active” Manuka honey contains the most.

A word of caution: honey should not be given to infants or children under a year old because it contains spores which can cause botulism. The spores don’t thrive in adults and older children but may cause a form of food poisoning in infants.








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