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“Let food be your medicine and medicine be   your food.”  Hippocrates

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Easy Breathing

Posted by Evie at 1:00 pm, April  5, 2011


It doesn’t take much for somebody with asthma to make each breath unbelievably precious. Much of the battle against asthma is a battle against inflammation. When pollen, pollution or other irritants enter the lungs, the immune system releases chemicals that “kill” the invaders. Unfortunately, the same chemicals cause airways to become inflamed and swollen and makes breathing difficult. At the same time the body releases free radicals, the harmful oxygen molecules that make inflammation even worse.


Since asthma is inflammatory and produces oxygen radicals, foods which block free radicals can help the airways return to normal. Vitamin C is naturally concentrated in the lining of the lungs so it’s a good idea for people with asthma or respiratory diseases to load up on this vitamin. It is one of the easiest antioxidant to get a lot of. Another vitamin that can help asthma sufferers is Vitamin E. Vitamin E targets radicals caused by air pollution, a leading cause of asthma. The best way to get this nutrient in your diet is to add wheat germ ti other foods. Smaller amounts of V itamin E can be found in sunflower seeds, almonds, spinach, whole grain cereals and kale. Another antioxidant that protect the lungs from free radicals is selenium. In combination with glutathione, selenium makes Vitamins C and E work effectively. Brazil nut is a good source of selenium. For faster relief, you may want to sit down to a meal high in magnesium like halibut, black-eyed peas oysters and spinach. Magnesium is a mineral that relaxes muscles in the airways thus allowing more air to get through. Finally, Omega- fatty acids found in fish help reduce inflammation in the lungs and tissue damage that follows an asthma attack.



Boning Up

Posted by Evie at 6:00 pm, April  10, 2011


The sad thing about osteoporosis is that it’s preventable if we get enough calcium. Women approaching menopause are more at risk because of a decline in estrogen levels. Estrogen helps bones absorb and keep calcium  


To restore estrogen without taking drugs, getting enough isoflavones, a compound similar though weaker than estrogen, may play a role in keeping bones strong.  So, just eating a little more tofu, tempeh and other soy foods which are high in isoflavones could go a long way. Other calcium sources include dairy, sardines and leafy greens.  In addition to what you eat, it is important to watch what to cut back on as some foods and beverages prevent calcium from being absorbed. Caffeine substantially reduces calcium absorption so it is a good idea to limit beverages like coffee and sodas. When you do have coffee, it is a good idea to use a little milk because milk essentially blocks caffeine from pulling calcium from your bones. Too much salt in the diet can also be bad for the bones because it not only decreases calcium absorption but also increases calcium excretion from the body.


To be realistic, we live in an eat-on-the-run world and it is not always easy to get all our calcium needs from our diet so taking a calcium supplement is the next best thing. And while calcium is the mineral for building strong bones, it needs vitamin D to get absorbed. Fish, egg yolks and fortified milk,cereal and juice are high in vitamin D. Women past menopause need at least 1,500 mg. of calcium (calcium citrate is best). Our body can only absorb 500 mg. of calcium at a time.


Be physically active. Weight bearing activity is especially important. A quick and effective exercise is the heel drop 50 repetitions six days a week. See video on how to do this really simple exercise.


Protecting the Lining

Posted by Evie at 9:00 am, March 22, 2011


Ulcers are sores on the lining of your digestive tract. Doctors used to think that ulcers are caused by stress or 3-alarm chili meals and treat people with bland diets which didn’t help because it turns out that ulcers are caused by bacteria. Still, if you have ulcer, some foods do affect how you feel.


Cabbage, one of the oldest folk remedy for ulcers, is an extremely effective treatment. Cabbage contains glutamine, an amino acid that increases blood flow to the stomach and strengthens its protective lining. During ulcer flare ups, drink 2 cups of cabbage juice or, if you prefer, eat a half a head of cabbage. Don’t cook the cabbage as heat destroys its anti-ulcer abilities.


Another solution for ulcer pain is a spoonful of honey on an empty stomach at bedtime. Honey has been used in folk medicine as a remedy for stomach troubles. The reason is that honey contains substances that build up the stomach’s protective lining as well as being antibacterial. Use only raw, unprocessed honey.


Another healing food is yogurt (labeled “live and active cultures”). Yogurt contains live, friendly bacteria which compete with ulcer-causing bacteria  It also contains lactose which breaks down into lactic acid thus causing a healthful acidic environment in the intestines.



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