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“Let food be your medicine and medicine be   your food.”  Hippocrates

Healthy foods heal

Healthy eating empowers you to take charge of your health on your own - naturally.


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For Women Only

Posted by Evie M. at 6:00 pm, October 8th 2010


There comes a time in every woman’s life (usually between 42-58) when hormonal changes mark the beginning of a transition to freedom. At least, that’s how I view menopause. But how we experience this shift is largely individual. I had none of the symptoms, but my sister had a really difficult time. Because of diverse personal circumstances, some women might consider it a medical condition, others a natural transition.


According to Dr. Isaac Schiff, author of Menopause, many problems of menopause can be controlled or eliminated by eating the right foods. Since female hormones (phytoestrogen) tend to decrease during this process, it makes sense to eat foods high in nutrients that act very much like the natural hormone. Soy foods, like tempeh and tofu, are high in phytoestrogens. In addition, a study found that eating 2 ounces of tofu a day can help reduce cholesterol. Black beans also contain as much phytoestrogen as soybeans. Ground flaxseed is also another source. And then, of course, there’s always horse urine (Premarin). Your choice.



Not for the Birds

Posted by Evie M. at 6:00 pm, October 4th 2010


Because of their high oxalic acid content, there are three foods that are best avoided: Rhubarb, Cranberries and Green Plums. Oxalic acid, a chemical substance, when ingested, combines with metals in the body, say magnesium and calcium, which make these nutrients unavailable to the body. In addition, oxalate crystals can irritate the body. An example of this is kidney stones. 80% of kidney stones derive from calcium oxalate.


To put things into perspective, toxicity from ingested oxalic acid is highly unlikely and the potential health problem varies for individuals. Those with kidney disorders, gout or rheumatoid arthritis would probably need to be careful of their oxalic acid intake. But green plums, rhubarb and cranberries are three things that birds won't eat. If it's not good enough for the birds . . . .


Quinoa - Superfood

Posted by Evie at 7:00 pm, September 22nd 2010.


Quinoa (pronounced "keen-wah"), a natural source of protein, is a tiny seed often mistaken for a grain. While it has the look, taste and texture of grain, quinoa is actually the seed of a flowering herb. It is loaded with vitamins and minerals and is a source of all 8 essential amino acids, fiber, protein and nutrients like magnesium and B vitamins.

Mild flavored and versatile, quinoa makes a simple solution for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It can be served hot or at room temperature. What could be simpler? I posted a video on a quinoa recipe under




Posted by Evie M. at 6:00 pm, September 17th 2010.


With the cost of health care spinning out of control, I think it's time to take charge of our own well being. For indeed an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. So join me in exploring the benefits and reaping the rewards of eating healthy. I welcome your comments and input






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