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“Let food be your medicine and medicine be   your food.”  Hippocrates

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Virus Cures: Herbs


The Morning After

Posted by Evie at 10:59 am January 4th 2011


Good food, good drink and good company - a recipe for a fun party but if you find yourself making many trips to the punch bowl you are likely to have the morning after discomfort of a hangover. Fortunately, there are a couple of steps you can do to settle your stomach. Eating plain bread will help buffer stomach acids that can lead to nausea. Bland foods in general like bread and pasta are easy to digest which can calm an upset stomach. In addition, drink like a fish because getting more water in your system can help relieve nausea and dehydration caused by excessive drinking. In fact it is a good idea to drink plenty of water before going to bed as it can help prevent the morning after discomfort.


Hiding in Wait

Posted by Evie at 7:00 pm, January 9th 2011


The herpes simplex virus is a master of ambush. It remains hidden deep within the nerves waiting for the immune system to drop its guard then wham! - it rushes to the skin causing ugly sores that may last a week or more, then retreats back into hiding, waiting, waiting, waiting ... weeks, months, or even years before rearing its ugly head once again.


There is no cure for herpes and if you are infected with it, eating more of some foods can help make the virus weaker. Foods that contain high amounts of lysine can help prevent the virus from thriving by inhibiting the protein sheath that surrounds the virus from thriving. Eggs and baked beans have much stopping power against herpes, so does cheese, pork and milk. But just as there are foods that inhibit the virus, foods rich in arginine strengthen it by building its protein coating. Diets high in arginine, like chocolate, peas, nuts and beer, might make the virus grow aggressively. Once a herpes sore forms, there is a home remedy you may want to try. It appears that applying milk compress to a cold sore may help heal it faster. Dip a washcloth in milk then apply it to the sore for 5 seconds, remove it for another 5. Do this process for 5 minutes then repeat every 3 or 4 hours, rinsing the skin after every treatment.



Mopping up Cholesterol

Posted by Evie at 7:00 pm, December 27th, 2010


For years we’ve been hearing that oatmeal and oat bran can help lower cholesterol. Indeed, oats are a healthy grain which retain its germ layers and bran even when processed. It lowers bad cholesterol, fights cancer, lowers blood sugar and helps with dieting. Oats contain beta-glucan, a soluble fiber, which traps cholesterol in the intestines with a sticky gel that isn’t absorbed by the body, hence taking unwanted cholesterol with it. Oats also contain a variety of compounds which hold on to bile acids. This is good because high levels of bile causes cholesterol levels to rise.


And it doesn’t take much to avail of the stable of protection that oats offer. ¾ cup of dry oatmeal or ½ cup of oat bran a day is all it takes to lower cholesterol by 5 percent. Since oats retain their goodness in various forms, when time is an issue, enjoy quick oats. They provide just as much nutrition as the slow cooking kind.




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