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“Let food be your medicine and medicine be   your food.”  Hippocrates

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What’s a Grill Chef to Do?

Posted by Evie at 12:30 pm, July  12, 2011


People read reports that red meat causes cancer and heart disease and they think they have to stop eating meat. But they don’t realize that people in these studies eat an inordinate amount of red meat a day. Moderation is key. Using just enough meat (no more than 3 oz. a day) to accent a meal should give you all the benefits without the potential detriments.


Meat is an important source of iron, a mineral essential for boosting the oxygen carrying capability of red blood cells  Of course it can be argued that you can get iron from nonmeat sources. But even though some plant foods are rich in iron, it comes in a form that’s harder for the body to absorb. Meat contains heme iron  which is more absorbable by the body.


Grilling meat is another matter. The problem is grilling causes certain compounds in meats to change into heterocyclic amines which may increase the risk for cancer. Grilled food tastes great. What to do? Researchers found a simple solution: marinade. They found that chicken breasts marinated in olive oil, mustard and other spices before being grilled had 90% of the dangerous compounds than nonmarinated meat cooked the same way.


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For Your Eyes Only

Posted by Evie at 12:30 pm, May 4, 2011


It seems that as years go by we have to hold the newspaper a little further, signs are harder to see, and forget about reading menus in dim restaurants. It is natural for the eyes to undergo slight changes but for people with cataracts, the loss of vision can be profound. Cataracts are proteins that accumulate under the lenses of the eyes. The eyes are being constantly bombarded by free radicals, those oxygen molecules with missing electrons that spend their life looking for replacements by grabbing electrons, thereby damaging healthy cells. One way to combat and help stop the damage is with antioxidants like vitamins C and E and beta-carotene.


Studies show that vitamin C plays a key role in keeping the eyes clear. Dark, green leafy vegetables like kale and broccoli and especially spinach contain the carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin which concentrate in the fluids of the eyes. Yet another antioxidant that swims in the lenses of the eyes is vitamin E.  It’s hard to get enough vitamin E without taking supplements because it is mainly found in high fat foods like peanut and corn oil. A good way to get vitamin E without the oil is by eating wheat germ. Other good sources are almonds and mangoes.


Although surgery can remedy cataracts, there is no cure for it so it is best to set your “sight” to a clear future and flood your body with antioxidants now to combat those scavenging free radicals. Time and time again, prevention is the best defense.


What is a Cataract


Stop the Yeast Beast

Posted by Evie at 12:30 pm, April  24, 2011


Yeast infections occur when fungus that normally lives in the vagina suddenly multiplies, causing burning, itching and other uncomfortable symptoms and may be caused by antibiotics, clothes that are too tight or contain dyes, and  consumption of sugar in large amounts. Medication used to destroy harmful bacteria also destroy normal bacteria present in the vagina. Sugary foods, even natural sugars in fruit and milk, can be a problem as well because eating sugar raises sugar in the blood stream which makes a perfect medium for yeast to thrive. Women susceptible to yeast infections should avoid fruit juices altogether. One way to help control yeast infection is eating a cup of yogurt daily .It restores the vagina’s natural environment but make sure to get yogurt that contains high concentrations of live cultures of Lactobacillus acidophilus.  Another way is garlic which contains compounds that have been proven to prevent fungal infections. Garlic has been shown to kill yeast fungus on contact. For treating and preventing yeast infections, several cloves to a bulb of garlic a day is recommended. It doesn’t have to be raw but it should be crushed or chopped to release the active compounds. Beta carotene and vitamin C may also play a protective role in the prevention of yeast infection. These vitamins help activate cells which primarily acts as a defense against things like yeast.